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Chi Kung Course

The expected benefits: increase of our well-being, more stability and balance, deep relaxation, more in contact with oneself as well as with the outside world. And still to connect to our different energy centers (Chakra), to develop its full potential for awareness and evolve as an individual with more humanity.

The proposed exercises of Chi Kung allow to feel our body (skeleton, organs, main endocrine glands) and to develop as well as to circulate the vital energy present (Chi) through the body .

Exercise Program:

  • Deep belly breathing
  • Joint relaxation
  • Chi Kung: Breathing with the Earth, to anchor, to have a solid base
  • Shiatsu exercises (Do-In); Activate the meridians
  • The shower of Smiles
  • Chi Kung: Stretching the 12 meridians
  • Chi Kung: Bones breathing (exercise in lying position)
  • Chi Kung: Bone densification
  • Chi Kung: From the meditation of the nine turns and the sleep circuit
  • Chi-Kung of the relationship with the Earth – the 7 levels of individuation
  • Chi Kung: Micro-Cosmic orbit
  • Chi Kung of the Sun gazing
  • Chi Kung: The healing hands of the Buddha
  • Chi Kung: The Golden Fish
  • Meditation Fusion 1: Space Without Borders
  • Fusion 2 Meditation: Initiating to the internal alchemy of the body
  • Theory: The Chi and the five Intelligences of Life

Course Dates for the winter and spring 2024: 

Tuesday at 9amTuesday at 9amThursday at 6.30pm
January16, 23, 3018, 25
February6, 13, 271, 8, 29
March5, 12, 19, 267, 14, 21, 28
April16, 23, 3018, 25
May14, 21, 282, 16, 23, 30
June4, 11, 256, 13, 20, 27

Practical information – location and price