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«… We are spiritual beings living a human experience… »

This site presents the services in energy therapies and the courses of Chi Kung proposed by Jacques Charles in Veyrier, Geneva – Switzerland.

Energy therapies: Energy Care promotes an awareness of the messages sent by your body through its pains, blockages or illnesses.

The body is often the messenger of existing imbalances at an emotional and/or mental level.

Energy Care helps you release your blockages and harmonize the flow of your vital energy and achieve a deep sense of peace.

Energy care is based on the vital forces of nature and on the spiritual forces. The first is to detoxify the organism, to clear the blockages and then to stabilise the patient in his energetic, psychic, emotional and physical equilibrium in a sustainable way.

Energy Treatments Act smoothly, they maintain form, calm nervousness, fight stress and anxiety disorders. Its relaxing action, anxiolytic helps to get back to sleep.

The impact of energy fluxes on the nerve points of the body vivifies circulation and drainage, it relaxes among other contractures and relieves the pains; Its general effect is to improve the feeling of comfort.

Energy Circulation: Act on your vital energies to clean, stimulate, calm or circulate them as needed

The target of energy care: The intervention aims to declutter and stimulate one or the other organs or system of the body: the Chakras, the lymphatic system, liver, vesicle, spleen, pancreas, urinary system and reproductive, digestive system, respiratory and circulatory apparatus, glands, sinuses, bone and muscular system, bone and joint system.

The care given allows you to rebalance your vital energy, to strengthen yourself and to relieve yourself in order to achieve a state of equilibrium, to achieve a deep sense of peace and objectivity in your life and to regain your freedom.

Cut the fire, lift the sprains, stop the bleeding

Free of charge and remotely by phone.

Chi Kung (Qi Gong) 

A course is given every week to the www.CAMV.ch in the dojo of the school of Martial Arts in Veyrier on Thursday evenings. Program and Course Dates

I can arrange individual and personal Chi Kung classes on request.

Holistic Perspectives and the origin of the disease 
The human being is not the sum of its parts it is all its parts that make it up, it is its cells, it is its tissues, it is its systems (bony, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive,…) and its Energetic fields (or etheric body) physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). It is the principle of integration, there is no separation between the parties, the individual is to be taken as a whole. The human being is integrated into a larger system, called the universe. Nature is perfect, the human body is integrated with Nature and has the same qualities; He’s perfect.
The human being pursues two main goals in his life: that is being happy, having fun in his life and advancing on his way of life, each one has his own destiny in hand and faces his choices. Everything changes, everything evolves… a situation or a choice that was right yesterday may not be today! The origin of the disease comes from the dissatisfaction of one of these two principles. If a person goes out of their way of life, moves away from it, it does not progress or if it is unhappy, it ends up being sick. The body being perfect it gets sick to give respite to the person. The body knows how it can repair itself and with the energetic care we can work on the energy of the body for it to heal itself. The disease therefore has a healthy origin and requires a change. The body encourages us to become aware of our blockages, of our imbalances, of our No or bad choices taken. The body needs to be listened to. Energy care allows customers to feel the tensions and imbalances of their body. Energy care facilitates understanding of the message emitted by the body by working with the person and restoring inner peace with diplomacy. Once the origin of the pain is recognized, the next challenge is to accept the truth and move forward: to heal you have to change. Then the human being can really begin to heal both his current and past wounds from all parts of his body and soul.

Jacques Charles

cv_jacques_charles_4557Since the end of 2012 I have received stronger and stronger signs urging me to my natural dispositions which are to bring relief and joy to the people who suffer, to help them and to accompany them so that they find harmony and a sense in their lives.

It is with great love, joy, respect and in absolute discretion that I accompany every person who asks for my help.

I use my hands for energy transmission.

I have been practicing since 2013 and are continually discovering new ways to provide energy care. I want to help you to heal with all my heart, but I can’t promise it. I will assist you with the release of your blockages and the awareness of your body’s messages. It is a collaborative practice between you, the vital energy and myself.

Contact: Jacques Charles-078 666 29 41 or Jacques@alternativehealing.world

Training to date by Jacques

  • Quantum Care Workshop (Philippe Fonjallaz October 2019)
  • Cosmic Consciousness and Galactic Care (Nancy Brousseau January 2018)
  • Retreats & Workshops-This Story Ends in GLORY! (Dr, Kathryn E. May, Christine E. Burk, Margaret E. Davis May 2017)
  • Circuits of Consciousness (Nancy Brousseau November 2016)
  • Mediumship of contact, healing and creative (the Infinite workshop June 2016)
  • Manage its Energies Part 2 (Catherine Chenu March 2016)
  • How to Heal at the pendulum (Nancy Brousseau February 2016)
  • Energy Hand Acupuncture (Nancy Brousseau February 2016)
  • Energy Therapist Training-part II (Nancy Brousseau October 2015)
  • Managing its Energies Part 1 (Catherine Chenu October 2015)
  • Chi Kung space and border for Chi Nei Tsang and the overall body Attitude (Gilles Marin May 2015)
  • Energy Therapist Training-part I (Nancy Brousseau April 2015)
  • Retreats & Workshops-Be the Master You Are (Dr, Kathryn E. May March 2015)
  • Workshop Tarot and Hebrew letters (Nancy Brousseau October 2014)
  • Sacred Geometry Workshop-The Bottom of all life (Nancy Brousseau October 2014)
  • Chi-Kung, meditation and Chi Nei Tsang of Emotional Healing (Gilles Marin October 2013)
  • Chi-Kung, meditation and Chi Nei Tsang Fundamental (Gilles Marin April 2013)

Energy Care Warnings

Energy care is under no circumstances medical acts in the sense of Western medicine and they are not intended to guarantee a cure. Energy care does not in any way replace the current medical and surgical procedures.

No diagnosis or prognosis is given, each must keep in contact with all of its treating doctors, specialists or generalists, and not interrupt his or her ongoing treatments.

Energy care is associated with the efforts of doctors and caregivers to promote healing or improvement of health status.