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The target of energy care:

The intervention aims to declutter and stimulate one or the other organs or system of the body: the Chakras, the lymphatic system, liver, vesicle, spleen, pancreas, urinary and reproductive system, digestive system and eliminatory, the breathing apparatus and circulatory glands, sinuses, bone and muscular system, bone and joint system and meridians.

The energy care given allows to rebalance the vital energy, to strengthen and to relieve itself in order to achieve a state of balance, to achieve a deep sense of peace and objectivity in your life in order to regain your freedom.


  • Relieve muscle tension at the neck or lower back
  • Soothe joint tensions in the knees or wrists
  • Dissolve kidney stones
  • Remove headaches
  • Rebalancing chakras
  • Remove warts
  • facilitate digestion and intestinal transit (constipation)
  • Strengthen bones and fight osteoporosis using Chi Kung from bone breathing